Mon 10/16 Algebra II

Do the multiples of 3 on both sides of the note sheet on separate paper!

Quiz Friday on 3.8 and 4.1-4.4


Wed – Alg 2

Complete the 1-6 HW assigned yesterday. Review for your Ch 1 Test tomorrow.

Tues – Algebra 2

pg 45 (13-21 odd, 31-51 odd, 52)

Either get started on it or start reviewing for your test by making quiz corrections and looking over your notes. Maybe trying some of the problems we didn’t do in class!

Thur – Algebra 2

No HW but bring back your 1-4 note sheet to finish in class tomorrow.

If you were absent, you will take the quiz during class when you return, unless you contact me to set up a different time. You will need between 10-20 minutes so if you can come before school or take it during homeroom or a study hall, that would be ideal!